Friday, 7 April 2017

Nietzsche and art

''The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude''
A quote by Friedrich Nietzsche chip carved on a 12'' basswood plate. A detailed rosette is in the center of the plate and foliage design is all around the outside rim:

Detailed photo of the very challenging outside rim carving, the leaves are carved to the edges of the plate, there was no room for a mistake:

And a photo of carving in progress:

Houses and Lighthouses!

Haul of cottonwood bark carvings from last month, I finally put new things in my Etsy shop and some of the carvings are for local Farmers Market.
The first photo shows ''Watchtower of the Oak Forest'' and ''Lighthouse on the Stone Shore'', they are both around 11 inches tall. The lighthouse has a small PEI acorn in its tower:

''In the Windy Valley'' stands 11.5 inches tall: 

''Margaret's Lighthouse'' is a large 14.5'' wall hanging, it has also an acorn in its tower:

The second wall hanging is named ''Wizard's Solitude'' and is 12.5 inches tall. This carving was supposed to have a ladder leading to the door but the piece of bark was too crumbly so I had to change the design:

Friday, 3 March 2017

All the custom MTG boxes

Here is a huge load of custom work I did for some Magic the Gathering fans, it was quite something to manage all the requests and I had to take few months to do those. This coming months I want to get back to my ''regular'' carvings, I am quite tired of carving the MTG mana symbols :)

Two small card boxes for Commander decks:

A large box that can hold 900 sleeved cards divided in three rows:

Another larger box, this one can hold ''only'' 450 sleeved cards. It has a slot for dice and counters though. The picture is quite blurry, I realized I did bad job on taking photos after I had the box already all packed for the customer:

And finally two more Commander boxes that went all the way to Australia. Both designs are heavily based on my previous work, which was requested:

Two bark carvings...

I did only five cottonwood bark carvings during January because I was so busy with custom orders. Unfortunately I took very poor pictures of three of them so I am not even going to post those.
Here is a photo of two carvings that turned out nicely (the photo I mean):

The one on the left is ''Library on the Hill'' and stands 11 inches, the other one is named ''Of the Snowy Village'' and is 10 inches tall.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Lots of custom MTG boxes, photos will be coming later...

I had the whole January filled up with chip carving basswood boxes for MTG cards. Because most of those were gifts for specific occasions I am not able to post photographs of finished carvings yet. I will do that in few weeks when the gifts are going to be received. Here is just a snap of the work on the go:

This month I am going to catch up on my cottonwood bark houses... new pieces to be posted soon!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Chip carved jar lid for homemade Nutella

A carving I did as a little gift, it is just a basswood lid for a jar that is filled with homemade ''Nutella''. I also cracked the hazelnuts personally, so there is lots of personal touch in this piece :)

MTG card box for 900 cards

A custom order I did before Christmas, this piece can hold 900+ sleeved cards.
I once again experimented with the dimension and sort of relief carving, as I did with a cribbage board the same month. I was very excited with the result on the board, so tried to use it somewhere else: