Sunday, 19 November 2017

Wall hangings

Two pieces done in cottonwood bark (how unusual for me, right?), 13 inches ''Forest Dwelling'' and 14 inches ''Merchant House by the Plaza''. A returning customer from Nova Scotia got one and their friend another, thanks very much!

Chip carving!

Few chip carved pieces from last month... 12'' basswood plate with Nietzsche's quote that I used on so many plates by now and two basswood card boxes for Magic the Gathering game:


Photos from the beach

Two carvings done at the end of August that have been waiting to be posted.
The first is ''Lighthouse of Two Villages'' standing 15.5'':

And the second is ''Acadian Coast Cottage'' standing 10.5'':

Lighthouse of Machinarium

My favorite lighthouse carving this year - 21.5'' Lighthouse of Machinarium:

Friday, 27 October 2017

First carvings named by my son Vojko

These two carvings were named by my (at the time) 22 month old son, he said ''hat'' for the carving on the left and ''ice'' for the one on the right. Well, whatever he really meant it ended up in ''Hut Maker's House'' and ''Icy Roof Cottage''.

Relief carving on MTG card box

Another experimental relief carving, this time on a large box for Magic the Gathering cards.
The center rosette is chip carved and the leaves are done in the relief style, the sides and front of the boxes are chip carved as well:

The piece is finished with Danish oil and light brown gel stain.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Slender houses in cottonwood bark

''Cardinal Cottage'' in 12'' piece of bark, I really like the chimney on this one:
 And 19'' tall ''Mary's Studio'' with lots of big windows that a proper studio should have: