Saturday, 9 December 2017

Experimenting with Art Resin

My first experiment with art resin poured over chip carved pieces. It turned out pretty good - few tiny bubbles on some of them as I didn't use a torch to get rid of them properly. 
I always felt that chip carved coasters look really good but nobody would ever used them for fear of damaging the carving... well, it is all sorted with the resin. Click on ''read more'' to see few photos of the work in progress and a photo of covered trivet that I carved few years back and never really used for the same reason as the coasters.

Preparing cottonwood bark for winter carvings...

I received around 70kg of cottonwood bark last month and it took me some time to sort it out properly. I used to simply keep the boxes with bark in the shed but when I wanted to carve something specific it took me forever to find the right piece. So I started sorting the bark right away, I cut the brittle and too thin pieces right away to be used for ornaments and divide the good pieces by size and uniqueness. The fire going on in the back is from unused driftwood I kept for too long.

Few hours later - huge chunks of bark on the very bottom of the shelving unit, the most unique pieces on the second shelf, pieces that I am going to use the soonest on the third shelf and finally random medium sized pieces on the top. The two boxes are filled with cuts for ornaments, there must be over 140 of them, surely enough to keep me busy.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Wall hangings

Two pieces done in cottonwood bark (how unusual for me, right?), 13 inches ''Forest Dwelling'' and 14 inches ''Merchant House by the Plaza''. A returning customer from Nova Scotia got one and their friend another, thanks very much!

Chip carving!

Few chip carved pieces from last month... 12'' basswood plate with Nietzsche's quote that I used on so many plates by now and two basswood card boxes for Magic the Gathering game:


Photos from the beach

Two carvings done at the end of August that have been waiting to be posted.
The first is ''Lighthouse of Two Villages'' standing 15.5'':

And the second is ''Acadian Coast Cottage'' standing 10.5'':

Lighthouse of Machinarium

My favorite lighthouse carving this year - 21.5'' Lighthouse of Machinarium:

Friday, 27 October 2017

First carvings named by my son Vojko

These two carvings were named by my (at the time) 22 month old son, he said ''hat'' for the carving on the left and ''ice'' for the one on the right. Well, whatever he really meant it ended up in ''Hut Maker's House'' and ''Icy Roof Cottage''.